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Project: Hard Rock Cafe, Sentosa

We can still vividly remember counting down to 2020 thinking that this year is gonna be THE year. Obviously covid-19 has other plans for us. All of us. To the lucky ones, the pandemic was really just a big inconvenience. To some, it is life-altering.

Many companies were thrown in a curve ball regardless of their profit margins the year before. While our government were able to soften the impact, companies still found themselves in complete mercy of the pandemic itself. A lot of companies either have to close or downsize, depending on the company’s health, sadly.

As a company, we are grateful for our management’s strategic planning to ensure that we are able to tide over these tough times together. And it is our ethos to help others as well.

We had a great opportunity to partner up with another adaptive and resilient company located in Sentosa.

It offers a world-famous American menu, with selections that mingles with the regional flavour. Decorated with prized rock-and-roll memorabilia, you set to experience a rollin’ good time.

Lead by our site manager, Jovin Chia and team, we started out via an advantage card model! These cards contains one-for-one deals, and great discounts for consumers. Backed by their big reputable name, the team found the crowd rather receptive of the cards. We are still in a pandemic after all, so it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. But everybody worked hard with a clear focus. Very true to the fiery spirit of Rock N’ Roll.

All was not in vain, within the short span of 3 months, we managed to sell 8000 of these advantage cards. That is an equivalent of 8000 returning customers!

This has been one of our favourite projects to work with. What can we say? Rock N’ Roll never dies.

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