As a group, Redwoods Advance adopts the Human Commercial approach and develops a rapport by addressing customers’ specific needs; which provides better customer service and creates long-term brand loyalty for the clients.

THE CLIENTS (Industries)

  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Cable TV
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Food & Hospitality



“The organisation’s aggressiveness is impressive and I would recommend them. We chose them to try a different approach to comb new markets. They have achieved our desired results.”

– Caroline Yu, SingNet, Singapore


“The organisation’s performance has been up to mark which was our aim appointing them to tap into their care competence of direct sales. I am impressed by their constant drive to achieve sales targets and the commitment from their operations team.”

– Michelle Low, HSBC, Singapore


“What impreses me most about the organisation are the dedicated sales team, immediate market feedback, quality control, customer services and sales results.”

– Norrida Bte Yusoff, Head of One to One & Parnet Sales, Celcom, Malaysia

Sharity Greetings

“What impresses me most about the organisation is the professionalism of the management team and their ability to maximize results in a short time.”

– Michelle Kwok, Sharity Greetings, Malaysia

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