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China, let’s go!

2nd time of test campaign in Shanghai, China after 18 months, and it got us all excited. The Group’s Vice President, Adrian Chua along with the team of 5 core players – Jovin Chia, Lim Xiu Zhen, Peh Qi Shan, Dawn Toh and Jeffrey Teo embarked on a 12 days’ trip – 4 days in Shanghai and 8 days in Shenzhen.

Despite being a new territory, the result on the very first day was impressive. The importance of a strong fundamentals was being emphasized to us by the VP, and it is definitely the reason why the team is doing well.

Team China, you have all our backs from Team Singapore! We are waiting to see you back soon!

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Kindness Day – 6th April

Our yearly event – Kindness Day, a day we will do something meaningful as a Organisation. It has been our 3rd year holding this event on every 1st quarter of the year.

This year, we collaborated with YMCA of Singapore (Young Men’s Christian Association) and they linked us to the old folks where we can spend time and bring laughter to them.

Thanks to YMCA for renting the auditorium to us and accommodated to our request.

The morning started with half of the group to pick the old folks up and the other half, at YMCA for a briefing.

We planned and lined up a series of activities – games, dance and skit, for the folks and their smiles on the faces were worth it. 

It was hard to bid goodbye to them after few hours of laughter and being together. We wish them all well and healthy. 

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Day 3 & 4 – FVPM (14th & 15th March)

Future Vice President Meeting (FVPM) took place on the last 2 days of our Seoul trip. 

3 countries – Japan, Singapore and Korea, with more than 150 delegates in the meeting, it was definitely an experience for us, the Singapore team.

Thanks to all the speakers who spent time to prepare and share their topics with us, and there were so many take-away points.

Till the next FVPM….

‘What I really enjoyed about the trip is the networking and also the learning we  had over there, learnt about the differences between Korea and Singapore, and brough back key action points to actually implement. Also asking all the questions I had and see what else to brush up on from another person’s standpoint. Seeing how the delegates actually fight the cold winds and cold weather to be on the ground still actively approaching, really makes me wonder, how it would be like in Singapore.’
– Samuel Yeo Le Quan

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Day 2 – Visit to Korea office 13th March

A very strong relationship was fostered when the Singapore team first met the Korea team. We would visit each other whenever we can, if we are at the country. This time, we headed to Jeongmin’s office in Sangwangsimni. The atmosphere was indeed hyped up, and everyone was so busy with training and networking. Our Vice President, Adrian Chua and Manager, Andy Tan, had the honour to be the guest speakers to the Koreans.

We took the opportunity to join the Korean team to the ground to see how they represented their Client and worked their day. For your information, it was 4°and their enthusiasm was unbreakable.

Appreciated their time after work, to hang out with us for dinner and shared so much knowledge with us even.

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Seoul Day 1 – 12th March

The team arrived in Seoul as early as 6 odds in the morning. This time, we arrived a day earlier before the actual meeting so as to have time to explore and spend some good time together.

It’s 4-6°now, and everything is so beautiful in Seoul – eating, shopping and sight-seeing! 

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Team Japan to Singapore

The Organisation have always been a strong believer of networking, for it helps in business and personal growth, and we build friendships around the world.

Team Japan is currently in Singapore for holiday, yet still made time to visit the office and spent some time with Jovin Chia, one of our partners.

It was sure a great time together, as always since our last visit to Tokyo.

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Retreat – 15th & 16th February

What just took place last weekend was the bi-monthly retreat and it’s the retreat of these 2 teams combined before the next mixing of team happen.

Retreats always refresh learning and bond all closer. Same to this short retreat, the togetherness was what matters most.

Of course, what is retreat without fun and play time. It is a group of them who love shopping and singing!

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Welcoming the Year of the Boar

It is our tradition to invite the lion dance troupe to perform in the office every Chinese New Year, and this year, we did it on the 8th day of CNY – 12th February.

The 4 digits given were – 1, 8, 8, 3. 

From the entire group to you, may the Year of the Boar brings you an abundance of good health, good luck and prosperity in everything you do.

Gong Xi Gong Xi 🍊🍊

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2019 Chinese New Year Celebrations

4th day of Chinese New Year – the boar year, from US to YOU, have a prosperity PIG year ahead!

As our usual practise, we had our yearly Chinese New Year celebration on the eve, 4th February with interactive games and many Hong Baos prepared. For all who participated, you all were so spontaneous and energetic!

And following on, yearly gathering at our VP’s place on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year (7th February), where lot of excitement took place. It was a great time together and memories created indeed.

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