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Redwoods advance

At Redwoods, we are a diverse and inclusive group of people where integrity is the cornerstone expectation. Together, we aim to use our Influence to improve the lives of others

Creating opportunities for globally-minded individuals

Redwoods Advance thrives to build a global team with a sales-driven mindset that will be able to conquer difficulties and adapt to trends efficiently. With our layed out plan for skill development, everyone in Redwoods Advance will be capable of achieving greatness.

  • Learning the basics
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Understanding the systems
  • Character enhancement
  • Communication skills
  • Coaching roles
  • Events coordination's
  • Exemplary role
  • Personal Developement
  • Leadership skills
  • Coaching roles
  • Events coordinations
  • Exemplary role
  • Personal Developement
  • Leadership skills
  • Team developement
  • On-site coaching 
  • Team leadership enhancement
  • Coardinating and hosting of meetings
  • Understanding the holistic view of the buisness
  • Human resource processes
  • Administration
  • Up-keeping of good customer service
  • Expansion of campaigns - to brainstorm
  • Events planning
  • To oversea entire operations
  • Travelling to counterparts 
  • Full coaching in all aspects
  • Bugeting - how to
  • Attend client's meetings
  • Meeting the client's expectations - to strategize
  • Buisness expansion


Comprehensive coaching will be made available for your personal and work development. These may include clients’ products / services knowledge, soft skills such as demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills, time management, presentation skills and E-learning.


At Redwoods Advance, recruiting the right people for the opportunity is the key. People are the assets, and we believe that by attracting and retaining talents, and working with them, help us keep our competitive advantage in the industry.

We foster a conducive environment and during your time with Redwoods Advance, you will be given the opportunity in challenging roles that test your skills and grow your knowledge of the business. 

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