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HR’s Day Out – Terrarium Workshop

Managing people can get strenuous, wouldn’t you agree? We know it is, every now and then our HR team recharges themselves and indulge in activities that brings them into the Zen mode and brings them a peaceful time all by themselves.

We wanted to have an experience near to nature but kinda too lazy to go outdoors(haha), hence we decided to attend a Terrarium Workshop to understand the basics of Botany and have a calming experience together.

Ecoponics hosted us with a warm welcome and gave us a quick terrarium building 101 to help us understand the basics. Excited, everyone came up with their own designs and settings to build their small terrarium jars.

There is something extremely calming and peaceful about planting a tiny plant or giving a plant its life, maybe because it resonates with the basic instinct of nurturing life as humans and creating something beautiful.

It was an evening full of fun and a great learning experience for all of us. We learned the basics and our trainer took us back to our primary school biology class. Spending two hours at the workshop gave us a good opportunity to connect and understand each other as team. We ended our workshop with a group photo of everyone holding their terrarium jar with happy faces and blissful hearts.

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Testing the Shenzhen and Beijing arena: CFPA Test 2019

Over the years Redwoods Advance has been developing charities and helping them with their brand awareness across ASEAN region. Recognized as one of the best partners by NCSS in Singapore for Charity development we are extending our boundaries once again to China and develop our strong roots there.

9th August 2019 marks the day when our team stepped in Beijing for their first ever brand awareness campaign with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA).

The 2 week campaign was full of international exposure and a lot of opportunity to learn and understand the dynamics of a new country and its market. With the support of our partners and event organizers we were able to successfully execute the campaign to grow CFPA in their awareness and business development. The whole trip ended with lots of fun and food at the famous Hai Di Lao and a birthday celebration.

Ending the fun filled and educational and interesting journey with high hopes to work further with the partners in Beijing and Shenzhen. Looking further and forward to our next partner campaign.

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Bright horizon in Phnom Penh

AGM’19 Phnom Penh

Last month as we ended the first half of the year we decided to celebrate our victories and success also plan our next steps and growth strategies to improve further in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

It was a wonderful experience for the whole team to work in such a diverse city and understand the dynamics of the culture. As much as it was productive to plan our next year about growth, business development, and most importantly Team development and learning opportunities for the whole organization. We enjoyed the culture and the entertainment the city offered us.

A fun filled and productive trip came to end with good food, healthy developed relations among the team and and an amazing city life along with having clear and ambitious goals to achieve for the upcoming year. We wrapped up the trip with a great dinner and potential business development opportunities for our organization.

This concluded our trip and everyone came back with a refreshed mindset and an amazing experience with unbelievable business opportunistic landscape in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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A guide to Open Electricity Market(O.E.M)

Singapore has been progressively developing the Open Electricity Market since 2001. This is to give consumers the opportunity to choose their choice of retailer and have a chance to utilize cheaper electricity.

Think of this as similar to the privatization of telecommunication companies in Singapore. Different retailers like SingTel, M1, Starhub, MyRepubic and Circles.Life are offering different price plans for different kinds of customers.
April 2018 marks the month when OEM was soft launched and the residential consumers were able to switch to electricity retailers and choose a plan which suits them best. Now consumers on the entire island can enjoy the benefits of privatization

A lot of people are worried and often confused about several factors in decision making like the infrastructure, billing and payments, discounts and electricity management, but bare in mind that SP Group still continues to operate the national power grid, so be assured of the similar reliable power supply as expected in Singapore. Those people who still don’t want to choose, u can maybe close this tab as its just an optional thing to do but you will be missing a chance to save.

Here is the current list of electricity retailers that you’ll be able to buy the electricity from:

Best Electricity Supply

Diamond Electric

ES Power by Environmental Solutions (Asia)

Geneco by Seraya Energy


Keppel Electric

Ohm Energy

PacificLight Energy

Sembcorp Power

Senoko Energy Supply

Sunseap Energy

Tuas Power Supply

Union Power

Open Electricity Market(O.E.M) Launch

Now that the market is open up for the entire island anyone can make a switch and enjoy the discounted bills! Sounds crazy right, but no so fast there are several factors that need to be considered first before switching to a retailer; like dwelling type and usage of electricity of ones household. Below is the chart that shows the launch area and dates for different zones.


The Current Regulated Tariff is 25.92 cents/kWh with GST (effective from 1st July to 30th September 2019)

  • Highest tariff in past 24 months: 25.82 cents/kWh (with GST)
  • Lowest tariff in past 24 months: 21.72 cents/kWh (with GST)
  • Average tariff in past 24 months: 23.78 cents/kWh (with GST)


Consumption and Dwelling Type:

Now lets take a look at the dwelling type chart which gives a rough estimate for an average bill according to SP figures in Singapore. This can help you to figure out how much estimated monthly saving you will be enjoying and it will hep you to decide which plan in the market is the best according to your individual needs.

Average Electricity Consumption (kWh)
Source: SP Group
Price Plans:

A). Fixed Price plan: Pay a constant rate (e.g. 20 cents/kWh) for electricity throughout your contract duration. However, the rate may be higher or lower than the regulated tariff during the contract duration as the regulated tariff is reviewed every quarter. This plan is suitable for consumers who prefer certainty over price and bill size.

Source: Energy Market Authority

B). Discount Off the Regulated Tariff Plan
Enjoy a fixed discount off the prevailing regulated tariff (e.g. 20%) throughout your contract duration. This is suitable for consumers who do not mind that their electricity rate changes every quarter so long as it is lower than the regulated tariff. The regulated tariff is reviewed by SP Group quarterly, and approved by EMA.

Source: Energy Market Authority
Unique Selling Propositions:

For people who have unique preferences for their products and services or those who are keenly involved in supporting eco-friendly production or those who prefer to buy from a stable and established company, all of them can have their demands met by different retailers.

Sunseap differentiates themselves in the market as a Clean Energy provider because of their solar power initiatives. ES Power identifies as the Green Energy provider hence having an edge in the Green and Eco-Friendly market share.

Retailers like Keppel Electric and TuasPower are established retailers with strong hold in the market. Private retailers like iSwitch and Best Electricity are also available for supporting foreign trade and developing business in Singapore market.

Payment Methods & Billing:

Rise in technology and smart payment systems have made it easier for people to pay their bills, exchanging transactions, making electronic payments within a reach of a click. Different retailers have adopted different payment options and some have limited options. So do keep in mind this point especially if you’re switching for your elder parents and they have their set ways to pay bills, we definitely don’t want them to be troubled by this, hence take this into account.

Discounts and Promotions

“People get addicted to discounts, they don’t get addicted to free”

Jon Taffer

The OEM market competition is very strong and saturated hence the prices of different retailers only differs between a few cents but the main difference comes against SP Regulated Price, hence to create an urgency retailers offer several different discounts and promotions to attract customers for their benefit. Free services, gift vouchers, lucky draw winnings, free products and several other different discounts and rebates are available in the market. So you should understand what promotions are there but don’t make it a big factor in decision making as the main point here is still saving money on the bills, so if you can compromise on a 20$ voucher for long term better savings, don’t hesitate.

So there it is, a brief guide to understand the O.E.M market and the retailers involved to help you decide which plan and retailer suits your needs the best. Happy Savings!

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HR cohesion day – 29th May

The HR department did something fresh this time – Tee-Art jamming.
Definitely an experience for it was all our very first time doing this and of course, we knew who can really draw now. Thanks to our bosses to let us have half a day of let-hair-down session.

The Noteway Art Studio is a very cosy and bright space to have much inspirations flow. We will love to be back again.

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Sales Champs – 15th May

A big congratulations to our top 2 winners in the most recent sales competition which the Energy client had come up with over period of 4 weeks.

Special thanks to the Energy client for sponsoring this sales competition. Looking forward to next batch of sales winners for attractive prizes.

Our 1st prize winner, Lydia Saw, with her new iPad Pro

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An Insight into the Value-Based Leadership culture at Redwoods Advance.

What is Value-Based Leadership? In fact What is leadership? What defines a leader? Such difficult and versatile questions have been answered by many; business leaders, managers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, yet such a conundrum still inspires millions of professionals around the globe everyday to develop and search new models and achieve the ultimate key to successful leadership.

Lets take an insider look into the values that are integrated deeply and are being practiced in all facets at Redwoods Advance.

  • Honesty & Respect
  • Leadership by example
  • Complete integrity & accountability
  • Continuous Improvement which seeks nothing less than excellence
  • FUN is our middle name
  • People before self
  • Passion for our people and what they do

“I believe in driving the values through leading by example and practicing it myself on everyday basis, and influencing others in the long run”.

Jas Koh, Senior HR

Think of Value-Based Leadership as in football, the top winning teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Chelsea in different leagues charts have always been achieving excellence in almost the past 15 years. The main driving elements of their achievements are visible to all of us i.e focused leadership and team synchronization.

Their leadership has always derived the values they stand for and the goals they have to achieve at the same time the teams have always performed with immense collaboration. Every player is putting in the maximum effort through their individual skills towards the same goal and that has helped them to achieve the success they have till date.

Redwoods Advance has been on the same path since its existence and is striving to break pass the boundaries to achieve the best results in the Sales & Marketing Industry.

The core Values mentioned above have been the foundations of its culture and success since the beginning and it constantly looks forward for improvement.

The leadership has always made sure to be the example for everyone to achieve success. From work ethics to emotional intelligence , from mentor-ship to leadership; Redwoods Advance has evolved as a hub of learning & development and consistent improvement not just as a professional but as a human being as well.

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Our TL! Congrats! #believeinyourself

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The collaborative environment encourages people to understand each other better and learn to adapt to adversity and diversity. The diverse workforce helps every individual to see past through differences and work together towards a single goal and try their best to achieve it and helps others along the way. The teams are always involved in business decisions to ensure the involvement of every individual which increases self-motivation, sense of belonging, ownership and care for the work they do.

“In this environment, I have my own voice and I can give feedback and suggestions without any worry and debate the decisions. This encourages me to be more solution driven and at the same time makes me accountable for my words and actions”

Gladys, Team Leader (Sales)

The open communication and honesty helps every individual to be themselves and be confident about what they do and who they are. It greatly effects the teams and all the staff to be more self-accountable and have integrity and that makes Redwoods Advance a very special pace as it helps evolve its participants into a better version of themselves.

The best part at Redwoods Advance is its capability to have FUN and its take towards the phrase ‘work hard play harder’. On regular basis there are social gatherings and weekly bonding sessions, group movies, team-dinners, social nights, fitness sessions, quarterly retreats and networking trips across South East Asia. This impacts the team in a very positive way to understand each other better and become closer as a family and learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work towards their goals together. It also helps people to relax from the weekly grind and have a fun time together and connect.

“Getting involve with the whole team on weekly basis helps me to understand and bond with the everyone individually and as a group. It also strengthens my relationship with them professionally and personally”

Kelvin, HR Executive

“The team nights provides the time to observe the team hidden strengths and weaknesses and in turn builds trust and communication”

Andy Tan, Managing Partner & Owner

In all its drive towards achieving the heights of success, Redwoods Advance has never loosen its sight from the Values that need to be embedded in each and every part of its existence. The milestones achieved by Redwoods Advance in the last 15 years and counting are something for it to be proud of and the individuals being a part of it hold their heads high as proudly as they should.

Looking forward to a lifespan more than the biggest organizations in the world, Redwoods Advance always believes that Together has, is and will always be better!

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Roadtrip to Shenzhen

After 2 days in Shanghai, the 6 of them landed in Shenzhen for another 8 days. Apart from testing the campaign in different sites, the team got to visit and do some shopping.

The culture and environment of these 2 cities we visited are slightly different. Our brand ambassadors got to test the sites from a touristy Disneyland in Shanghai to a more realistic lifestyle of people in Shenzhen. With the contrast of the standard of living, plus point is our brand ambassadors are trained to communicate and speak to people from all levels.

We are counting down to the return of our brand ambassadors already!

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China, let’s go!

2nd time of test campaign in Shanghai, China after 18 months, and it got us all excited. The Group’s Vice President, Adrian Chua along with the team of 5 core players – Jovin Chia, Lim Xiu Zhen, Peh Qi Shan, Dawn Toh and Jeffrey Teo embarked on a 12 days’ trip – 4 days in Shanghai and 8 days in Shenzhen.

Despite being a new territory, the result on the very first day was impressive. The importance of a strong fundamentals was being emphasized to us by the VP, and it is definitely the reason why the team is doing well.

Team China, you have all our backs from Team Singapore! We are waiting to see you back soon!

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Kindness Day – 6th April

Our yearly event – Kindness Day, a day we will do something meaningful as a Organisation. It has been our 3rd year holding this event on every 1st quarter of the year.

This year, we collaborated with YMCA of Singapore (Young Men’s Christian Association) and they linked us to the old folks where we can spend time and bring laughter to them.

Thanks to YMCA for renting the auditorium to us and accommodated to our request.

The morning started with half of the group to pick the old folks up and the other half, at YMCA for a briefing.

We planned and lined up a series of activities – games, dance and skit, for the folks and their smiles on the faces were worth it. 

It was hard to bid goodbye to them after few hours of laughter and being together. We wish them all well and healthy. 

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