About Us

Our Core Principles

The way we conduct our business is as important as the results we achieve.

The strength of any policy is how well it is implemented. Our core principles are simple, yet make a powerful statement about what we value and how we act individually and as a global firm.

Our Core Values

  • Complete Integrity & Accountability
  • Honesty & Respect (Through Open Communication)
  • Passion For Our People & What We Do
  • Leadership By Example
  • People Before Self
  • Continuous Improvement Which Seeks Nothing Less Than Excellence

Redwoods Culture


Driven with a goal in mind

Very professional


No.1 in initiative

Combined as one

Endless support

Organisation Direction (by year 2024)

  • 3000 in Strength
  • 150 Offices (Spreading across 10 cities)

Mission Statement


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