NEWS 2021

This year, with a brand-new direction, we put our focus into Educational Sector.  

As the saying goes: “The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” – B.B. King

With much disruption on face-to-face classes, due to Covid situation affecting children, which then puts much pressure to many children, their families and teachers. We partnered 88 tuition, an online children education platform and a social enterprise, that wants to put learning to many, within reach. A meaningful project, to us, it is. 

We hopped on board with client: AGB Education Centre via Business-to-Business Channel. 
AGB was founded in 2008 with an extensive course catered to an array of people, from different walks of life. An objective to have staffs developed, which in turn add value to the companies too. 

Yet another Education clientele: Gex Academy, where we started with a 2 weeks test and stepped into a full launch in the month of September
The results speaks by itself where launch happened immediately after the test. 


A familiar client: Bells Academic Group (Previously known as AGB Education Centre) 
This time we ventured into a different targeted audience – away from the business platform and now to community outreach. Yes, the Roadshow Channel. We grew from strength to strength and roadshow to roadshow. Reaching out to many for an asset no one can take away from – knowledge. 

Special Highlight Nothing succeeds like success November with our New kid on the block 
Manager – Gnanam S/O Somashoordaram Thevar

An industrious individual with decided faith and who never shy away from laying the bricks. 

A very well-deserved promotion indeed, where this day brings pride and joy to all that who has walked this journey with him. 

NEWS 2021

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