Group Birthday — Charity Event

Following closely behind the heels of Christmas is our Group Birthday. This year we unanimously decided to do something more, especially at a given time like this. Our team from young and young-at-heart have donated an amount of over S$3000. The group did a dollar-for-dollar donation that puts the total amount to double – all for table fans to be given out for those in need.

Setting up the portable fans.

Adhering to our social distancing measures, the events was meticulously planned and executed. Teams of 5 were given ten sets of fans to give out to their allocated units.

Team work!

This experienced has yoked us in spirits.

What a privilege it is to give. Nothing warms a heart more than a genuine smile and hearty conversation. We are thankful to be in this position, and will strive to increase our giving capacities in the coming years.

Once again, happy Redwoods and group! We are excited for what’s to come.

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