Launch of Hotel Industry Project

As the title suggest, we had the good-fortune to work with one of the most reputable hotel this year. This five-star luxury hotel is laced with culture, art and commerce. Housing over 400 rooms and suites, each with views to boast.

Here at Redwoods Advance, we refuse to let the pandemic dull its’ shine. To match with the hotel’s class and grace, we have our business development consultant, Julie Renyard, leading a team of 8, spearhead the campaign.

Julie, at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

With a strategic formulated advantage card developed for the hotel, the team was set to go! As all pioneering phases of any project goes, the team met with challenges that required them to grow and adapt.

It was not for naught, at the end of the campaign, the team grew exponentially and was bringing home a daily 9-piece average.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for the tremendous effort and hard work for tapping into unchartered waters with us. Also a big shout out to the beautiful hotel, wishing them prosperous years ahead!

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