An Insight into the Value-Based Leadership culture at Redwoods Advance.

What is Value-Based Leadership? In fact What is leadership? What defines a leader? Such difficult and versatile questions have been answered by many; business leaders, managers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, yet such a conundrum still inspires millions of professionals around the globe everyday to develop and search new models and achieve the ultimate key to successful leadership.

Lets take an insider look into the values that are integrated deeply and are being practiced in all facets at Redwoods Advance.

  • Honesty & Respect
  • Leadership by example
  • Complete integrity & accountability
  • Continuous Improvement which seeks nothing less than excellence
  • FUN is our middle name
  • People before self
  • Passion for our people and what they do

“I believe in driving the values through leading by example and practicing it myself on everyday basis, and influencing others in the long run”.

Jas Koh, Senior HR

Think of Value-Based Leadership as in football, the top winning teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Chelsea in different leagues charts have always been achieving excellence in almost the past 15 years. The main driving elements of their achievements are visible to all of us i.e focused leadership and team synchronization.

Their leadership has always derived the values they stand for and the goals they have to achieve at the same time the teams have always performed with immense collaboration. Every player is putting in the maximum effort through their individual skills towards the same goal and that has helped them to achieve the success they have till date.

Redwoods Advance has been on the same path since its existence and is striving to break pass the boundaries to achieve the best results in the Sales & Marketing Industry.

The core Values mentioned above have been the foundations of its culture and success since the beginning and it constantly looks forward for improvement.

The leadership has always made sure to be the example for everyone to achieve success. From work ethics to emotional intelligence , from mentor-ship to leadership; Redwoods Advance has evolved as a hub of learning & development and consistent improvement not just as a professional but as a human being as well.

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The collaborative environment encourages people to understand each other better and learn to adapt to adversity and diversity. The diverse workforce helps every individual to see past through differences and work together towards a single goal and try their best to achieve it and helps others along the way. The teams are always involved in business decisions to ensure the involvement of every individual which increases self-motivation, sense of belonging, ownership and care for the work they do.

“In this environment, I have my own voice and I can give feedback and suggestions without any worry and debate the decisions. This encourages me to be more solution driven and at the same time makes me accountable for my words and actions”

Gladys, Team Leader (Sales)

The open communication and honesty helps every individual to be themselves and be confident about what they do and who they are. It greatly effects the teams and all the staff to be more self-accountable and have integrity and that makes Redwoods Advance a very special pace as it helps evolve its participants into a better version of themselves.

The best part at Redwoods Advance is its capability to have FUN and its take towards the phrase ‘work hard play harder’. On regular basis there are social gatherings and weekly bonding sessions, group movies, team-dinners, social nights, fitness sessions, quarterly retreats and networking trips across South East Asia. This impacts the team in a very positive way to understand each other better and become closer as a family and learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work towards their goals together. It also helps people to relax from the weekly grind and have a fun time together and connect.

“Getting involve with the whole team on weekly basis helps me to understand and bond with the everyone individually and as a group. It also strengthens my relationship with them professionally and personally”

Kelvin, HR Executive

“The team nights provides the time to observe the team hidden strengths and weaknesses and in turn builds trust and communication”

Andy Tan, Managing Partner & Owner

In all its drive towards achieving the heights of success, Redwoods Advance has never loosen its sight from the Values that need to be embedded in each and every part of its existence. The milestones achieved by Redwoods Advance in the last 15 years and counting are something for it to be proud of and the individuals being a part of it hold their heads high as proudly as they should.

Looking forward to a lifespan more than the biggest organizations in the world, Redwoods Advance always believes that Together has, is and will always be better!

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