Day 3 & 4 – FVPM (14th & 15th March)

Future Vice President Meeting (FVPM) took place on the last 2 days of our Seoul trip. 

3 countries – Japan, Singapore and Korea, with more than 150 delegates in the meeting, it was definitely an experience for us, the Singapore team.

Thanks to all the speakers who spent time to prepare and share their topics with us, and there were so many take-away points.

Till the next FVPM….

‘What I really enjoyed about the trip is the networking and also the learning we  had over there, learnt about the differences between Korea and Singapore, and brough back key action points to actually implement. Also asking all the questions I had and see what else to brush up on from another person’s standpoint. Seeing how the delegates actually fight the cold winds and cold weather to be on the ground still actively approaching, really makes me wonder, how it would be like in Singapore.’
– Samuel Yeo Le Quan

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