Redwoods Korea Trip (Future VP workshop)

A very packed trip filled with loads of catch up sessions with the Koreans (the group counterpart).

Adrian Chua (Country Manager of Singapore) was invited to Korea to run some topics hence at the same time; he decided to bring some of the well-deserved individuals to head up for exposure as well.

We landed early and started off the day roaming around Seoul – eating and shopping. The next 2 days were lined up with loads of agenda (workshop). The days started as early as 7am and ended with a group dinner around 11pm. Despite the long hours, we never felt it to be tiring, as we had broadened our minds with knowledge and filled our soul with laughter.

The fourth and fifth days were pretty much getting to know Seoul better. The Country Manager of Korea, Yong Kim, was very hospitable where he took us around Seoul to the places such as Seoul Tower, Insa-Dong, etc.

All in all, the trip gave us such happy memories and great experience. And we will definitely be back for more!



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