Redwoods quarterly R and R, at Langkawi!

19 May, both the HR head and OP flew off to attend a meeting and a workshop respectively. It was a strategy meeting hence other delegates from other countries also flew in so to brainstorm together. The day ran through productively and the workshop was packed with loads of knowledge. After which, we had a group dinner together – speaking to the other delegates and expanding our understanding on what works for other countries.

The rest of the delegates flew in the next day – where we all went for our respective workshops. With the topics in line, it was yet another full day of  learning. The day ended with a cocktail session, with more delegates this time for even more in depth conversations.

The 3rd day was with half day workshop with free and easy after. We didn’t stop our learning when the workshop ended, we went on meeting up with other delegates from other countries. The questions flew out one after another so to fill up our ever-inquisitive-and-want-to-learn-more mentality.  When the sun starts to set, we headed back to our room to prepare for the dinner and dance cum awards session.

We were all dressed up for the black tie dinner and dance event, went to the ball room and await for the session to begin. The award presentation that we looked so forward to is without a doubt our newly advanced OP, Jovin Chia. Jovin went through a series of challenges throughout the years with us, and now he has earned himself the award and that made all of us really overjoyed. With the end of the session, comes the party – where we all let our hair down and enjoyed ourselves.

The next day, we had our free and easy again where we headed out for some muscles relaxing session (massage) and sumptuous seafood such as lobster! In the evening, we then headed for a casual performance dinner and ended the night with KTV that is filled with great laughters.

The workshops never fail to bring us greater knowledge and always leave us with clearer directions. Looking forward to the next!


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