Paya Lebar Square Grand Opening!

It was 930am on 26 February when all the guests came in for the official grand opening! An orientation was done before the lion dance was to begin. Approximately at 950am one could hear the drums beating from afar and at 10am sharp – the lion dance started. As per the tradition, mandarin oranges were ‘plucked’ by the lion to form a prosperity word (in mandarin) for good luck. After which, both lions ‘danced’ in front of all the partners and around their working desks (all for the sake of good luck as well).

The entire atmosphere was fantastic as everyone went forward to touch the lion and took an endless number of photos. It didn’t end just after the lion dance – as there was “Yu Sheng” planned for everyone – where Adrian Chua (MD) wanted everyone to be blessed with a great 2015. Five stations were set with “Yu Sheng” and with one representative each taking the lead to co-ordinate, where auspicious words were said with each toss.
The opening ended after everyone finished their “Yu Sheng” and some great catching up.


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