Redwoods Advance team building activity at Kuala Lumpur

Team at Redwoods Advance had a useful 3 day team building and training programme at Kuala Lumpur. After the dinner session with Terrance, the team spend their time learning about the tips in training the employees and in team building. The team discussed various useful tips on reading a trainee personality,adapting a specific approach for specific people, being receptive to ideas and the importance of being genuine and sincere to people.

The team spend the second day on office visit and field work where they had an opportunity to learn about how the KL field representatives carry out their work.
The dinner session with managers gave the team a chance to interact with the managers and to fine hone their marketing skills, goal setting and achieving targets.

On day 3 in the Raising Star Workshop, Terrance delivered a recruitment talk where the team learned about the  recruitment and team building process. The team members were told on how to read  people’s body language, on being confident in what they are doing to attract people and how to be on the task without giving up. The workshop highlighted about the importance of building a strong foundation in the team and being sensitive to people.

Redwoods Advance always comes up with innovative team building activities to keep the team well informed and to build up the team. It was not all work and no play for the team as they had a great bonding time, dinner sessions and games that kept them in good spirits all through.  Here are some images of the KL team building activity of Redwoods Advance.


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