Redwoods Participated in the Career fair in Singapore Management University ( SMU)

A career fair was organised on 22nd August 2014 in Singapore Management University by jobs DB portal. Redwood Advance spoke to  SMU final year students and  the  graduated students about the business opportunities and the career options on offer. This job fair offered  the Redwood team a  chance to interact with SMU students and discuss a wide range of job opportunities and career paths.

The job fair attracted a record turn out
where more than 600 Singapore Management University students had the chance to meet potential employers on campus. Redwoods team got solid support from the SMU management to make this career fair a huge success. The  career fair offered a great opportunity for students to find out about the skill sets and expertise that are in demand in the contemporary job market. Redwoods Advance pte Ltd highlighted the jobs that are available to  consider for the  SMU students and the long-term career paths on offer.



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