Redwoods Advance Singapore Bubble soccer game – Team building and Fun

Team at Redwoods Advance pte Ltd celebrated its weekend with a hilarious game of bubble soccer held on 22nd August 2014. Bubble soccer,the latest adrenalin sport, which has taken Singapore by storm got the blood racing and the laughter flowing for the team who left nothing to chance in winning the game! This great team building activity on a Friday evening offered everyone a chance to have loads of fun and laughter and to socialize with different groups.

Redwoods Advance always comes up with innovative team building activities and fun games to re-inspire the team, to build stronger bonds in the workplace and to foster leadership qualities. Everyone cheered the team members who clearly proved that a team work is what makes a winning team against all odds. Here are some images of the bubble soccer game of the team of Redwoods Advance.



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