Redwoods Advance Singapore’s Sports Day at Bishan Stadium | A Fun-Filled Day of Activities

The Singapore Sales and Marketing Company – Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd is never short of corporate team building ideas or activities.

Whether team building games, events or other ice breaker activities – people at Redwoods are always eager to try out everything.

Corporate team building activities and ‘fun’ programs provide lots of opportunities to people for networking and socializing in different groups. Unity is strength, through teamwork and collaboration – wonderful things can be achieved: be it at any sports arena or the professional field.

On Monday, 2nd June 2014 – the Redwoods Advance teammates congregated at Bishan Stadium (a multi-purpose stadium, in Singapore) for the annual Sports Day.

People wore different colored T-Shirts to represent their TEAM. The Redwoods Advance team chose ‘the color of gold’ (yellow) for their dresses to symbolize their group.

The action-packed day started off with fun dance; 100 m race of managers, tug of war (rope war) game to ‘test the human strength’, 4×100 m relay race, 100 m and 400 m races, cheerleading competition and other fun races were the attractions of the Sports Day at Bishan Stadium, Singapore.

Everyone played different games and cheered for the team members. Through different games and activities, the members proved once again that TALENT or INTELLIGENCE simply never helps but teamwork matters to win championships.

Here are the pictures from the Redwoods Singapore Sports Day.



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