Redwoods Advance and Singapore Cancer Society team up for ‘Gift of Hope Carnival’

Every year in Singapore – majority of people die by and large due to the dreadful cancerous disease. Colorectal, lung, prostate, liver, breast, ovarian cancers are common among Singaporean males and females.

Cancer is a curable disease; moreover – the cancer victim needs love, care and concern from not only family members but even from the society.

Dedicated to the community and different social welfare activities, the Singapore Sales and Marketing Company – Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd believes – everyone should try to give something ‘positive’ back to the society, in every possible manner.

Last Christmas – the Redwoods Advance team made a difference to the lives of many cancer patients and their families in Singapore, by volunteering the Christmas Carnival with the Cancer society.

Once again – on 17th May 2014, with the mission to serve the community, the Redwoods Advance group and the Singapore Cancer Society came together for the ‘Gift of Hope Carnival’ event, to encourage and support the cancer patients.

The Redwoods Singapore team members set up a ‘Ping Pong’ game booth at Vivo City, with a lot of surprising prizes to entertain and cheer the cancer patients and family members.

The participants took pleasure in all booth activities and grabbed different prizes and gifts for games played, there.

It was yet another productive day for Redwoods Advance volunteers, with lots of precious moments doing the generous act. The funds raised through the charitable event will proceed to the Singapore Cancer Society for the welfare of cancer patients in the community.


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