Redwoods Advance Singapore at 365 Cancer Prevention Love Lunch, to ‘support’ the Cancer Society Programs

Everyone dreams of a future with a healthy and long life. The cancer victims are ‘nothing different’ who live always in the shadow of cancer, with hope for a better future ahead.

Cancer not only affects the victim, but the whole family. Cancer is curable; somebody who battles with the cancerous disease requires love and emotional support not only from one’s family but even from the society.

Committed to social welfare activities, the Singapore Sales and Marketing Company – Redwoods Advance always finds time to add value to people in the society, in different ways.

On 26th April 2014, Saturday – the Redwoods Advance team members congregated for the ‘365 Cancer Prevention Love Lunch’ organized by the ‘365 Cancer Prevention Society’, a non-profit organization committed to the community through different cancer support programs.

During the ‘365 Cancer Prevention Love Lunch’ – a monthly event, the Redwoods Advance Singapore team members interacted with cancer patients, undertook food therapy training, attended health/nutrition programs, tried different detox exercises and had a healthy lunch in the group.


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