Redwoods Advance – Kuala Lumpur Trip

For the group of four outstanding performers at Redwoods Advance Singapore, March 2014 was the month for Malaysia trip.

The four top performers of the Sales and Marketing company hit the federal capital of Malaysia with Adrian Chua, the Managing Director of the company.

During the Kuala Lumpur visit, from 24th to 26th March 2014, the Redwoods Advance team members had productive group learning sessions and business networking opportunities with the Malaysian team members.

Other than the visit to the Regional Headquarter situated in Kuala Lumpur Central, people even stopped by at Vice President James Greaves’ home for delicious homemade dinner.

The stopover at James Greaves’ house was a rich learning experience for many. The Vice President shared his tips and experiences with the Redwoods Singapore team members.

People even had a karaoke session during the leisure time, there.



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