Redwoods Advance’s Weekly Team Outing at – the Mind Café

An ideal meeting place in Singapore for people who would like to have Board Games over lip-smacking food, snacks and beverages.

On Thursday, 13th February 2014, everyone from Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd got-together at the Mind Café, a hot-spot ‘awarded’ with the widest range of board-games, in Singapore.

Not only the board game enthusiasts, but the Mind Café is a favorite destination for people of all groups, with a selection of games suited for all and everyone.

The outing of Redwoods Singapore at the Mind Café was yet another opportunity for people to get-together for ‘clean games’ in different groups, during the weekend.

Everyone had fun during the pleasure trip at the Mind Café – played different games, got to know and gel better with each other over delicious snacks and drinks.



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