Redwoods Advance’ Chinese New Year Celebrations – Lion Dance Performance at the Office

The traditional dance form in the Chinese culture – the Lion Dance is an integral event to New Year Celebrations and other festivities.

People in different groups wear Lion costumes and mimic movements of the Lion during the traditional dance performance and worship the God of Good Luck and Prosperity.

On Friday, 7th February 2014 – the eighth day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd Singapore had Chinese New Year Lion Dance performance at the office.

The Redwoods Advance team celebrated the New Year in a traditional way, with the dance performance witnessing two-Lions and a Cai Shen – the Chinese God of Prosperity.

As it is the Chinese New Year of the Horse, the Lion dance troop at the Redwoods tried to be creative with the idea of a ‘Horse shaped with pineapples & mandarin oranges’.

Have a ‘Fruitful’ New Year ahead!




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