Redwoods Advance’ Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Office

The Singapore sales and marketing company – Redwoods Advance celebrates every moment, no matter what AND the Chinese New Year on 31st January 2014 was one BIG reason to welcome the New Year and for grand celebrations.

New Year is a time to say ‘adieu’ to the past and embrace the future. With the turn of the Chinese calendar (Lunar New Year), everyone at Redwoods Advance was ready to say ‘good bye’ to the previous year and welcome the New Year.

The Spring Festival is the time for parties and celebrations with family and friends. On Thursday, 30th January 2014, Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd Singapore had its New Year party at the office.

The office bash was an opportunity for people to – bond and have fun in the group.

During the New Year Celebration in the office, people mingled around with each other in different teams, played treasure hunt games, had lantern making contest. Everyone created colorful paper lanterns from recycled materials and adorned the office.

The traditional art form – Lion dance believed to bring ‘good luck and prosperity’ is a part of the Chinese New Year Celebration. People wore Lion costumes and mimicked movements of the Lion in their own small groups.

Everyone had real fun during the Office New Year celebration. People greeted each other, exchanged Red Packets, had sumptuous meals and had a gala time in the group.

Happy Chinese New Year!



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