Redwoods Advance – Christmas Gift Exchange and Party | A Green Christmas to support WWF project

It is a great time of the year! The festive season is here with moments of joy and warmth to bring everyone closer to each other.

One should live every day like it is a celebration and try to make every hour a happy hour. The Singapore Sales & marketing company – Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd believes in celebrations – both: big and small.

On 19th December 2013, Redwoods Advance Singapore congregated for the office Christmas event.

The greatest gift one could give to other is unconditional love and acceptance, but there is no Christmas without a Santa Claus and Gifts. During the function – everyone expressed their love and gratitude to each other through exchange of gifts.

To show care for the planet and support WWF re-wrap project, everyone at Redwoods Advance wrapped gifts in magazines and had a green Christmas.

Everyone is in a festive mood and Redwoods looks forward to welcoming the New Year in great spirits. The managing director of the organization, Adrian Chua addressed people during office Christmas celebrations and shared company goals and directions for the year 2014.

At evening, people head off to Sentosa, Mambo beach for the Christmas bash. Everyone had loads of fun in the group: played different games, enjoyed beverages/mouth-watering food. A few fortunate ones went home with their lucky draw prizes.

Here, are the captured moments.


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