Redwoods Advance had week-long Christmas celebrations with Angels & Mortals

The ‘marketing and advertising’ profession requires a lot of creative ideas and no wonder the Singapore sales and marketing company – Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd is never short of such, while implementation of those ideas for work or play.

From 5th to 12th December, 2013 – it was a fun-filled activity week for Redwoods Advance, in conjunction to other Christmas celebrations. Members of the staff played Angels and Mortals Game, to show their love and gratitude to people around them.

The game was all about the ‘kind, charming and lovable’ Angels (supernatural beings) that bless Mortals (human beings) in different ways.

As per the game, Angels had to be creative and do something nice to their assigned mortals, either through cheerful and inspiring hand-written messages/SMS, drawing or illustrations, attractive gifts etc.

At the end of the game, the mortals had to make out their angels and share testimony on the nice stuffs the divine creatures did for the worldly beings.

According to game rules, mortals could not bad-mouth or show disrespect to angels and/or moan about gifts and notes received from angels. During the ‘Angels and Mortals’ game, lots of innovative angels went an extra mile and brought smiles on faces of their mortals.

Everyone enjoyed the game and had lots of fun. Like other corporate team building activities at Redwoods Advance, the purpose of this game was to provide opportunities to people, so that they could get to know and gel better with each other.

Here are the images, to have a feel of – how angels showed their love and encouragement to their mortals.

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