Redwoods Advance at Christmas Carnival, to support Singapore Cancer Society initiatives

Christmas, a time to ‘give and share’ was another reason for Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd Singapore to make a difference to the lives of many, affected with the dreaded cancerous disease.

Be it – colorectal, breast, lung, liver and stomach, ovarian or prostate cancer, health statistics show a majority of Singaporeans die due to cancer than other health disorders or ailments.

During the festive season when everyone shares love and joy with family and friends, volunteers from Redwoods Singapore thought about doing something different for the cancer patients in the society.

People love things that make them smile and the Christmas fair on 14th December 2013 at Bishan Community Centre was such an initiative from Redwoods Singapore – in collaboration with the Singapore Cancer Society, to ‘bring smiles on faces’ of cancer patients.

Redwoods Singapore volunteered the event and set up 2 stalls (Instant Tattoo Booth and Ping Pong Toss Booth), to cheer people of different age groups and genders.

Participants enjoyed all booth activities and came back time and again for a few rounds. Based on points achieved, several lucky participants grabbed gifts and prizes and went with smiles on their face.

Committed to different social causes AND filled with lots of smile and enthusiasm, for Redwoods Advance guys – it was a productive day with tons of precious moments.

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