Redwood Advance’s Telematch at West Coast Park, Singapore

There is never a dull moment for people working at Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd. The Singapore Direct Sales and Marketing Company recently had a get-together session at West Coast Park.

After the Asian Convention on 24th October, everyone from Redwoods Advance got together for a Telematch the next day at West Coast Park, to rejuvenate and relax for a while.

An ice-breaker – Telematch is a perfect team bonding activity for people in their own small group.

People decorated their face to prop up their team identity. Lots of activities, challenges and team cheers! People had to come out with different strategies on different stations.

The top 3 winning teams went home with their prizes! Here are the pictures from the Telematch day at the ‘Play Centre in the West’.

NEWS 2021

NEWS 2014

NEWS 2013