Redwoods Advance Singapore on Dubai Trip, had fun at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

 Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Business managers from the Singapore sales and marketing company – Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd were on Dubai trip, from 11th to 16th November 2013.

Dubai (UAE) attracts millions of tourists from all across the globe and for Redwoods Advance Singapore – this was a second trip to the country that is not only popular for luxury homes or skyscrapers but even for souks, shopping malls, museums, zoos/amusement parks, beaches and various other tourist attractions.

Managers of Redwoods Singapore had a memorable experience during the stay. Everyone had been to the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (amusement park) on Yas Island, which is one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world.

Popular for Formula Rossa (the fastest roller coaster), V12, Speed of Magic, Made in Maranello, Fiorano GT Challenge, Scuderia Challenge, G-Force and other rides and attractions – the ‘Ferrari themed’ amusement park visit had been an unforgettable experience for everyone at Redwoods Advance.

Other than thrilling rides and slides, people even did lots of shopping, hanged-out in groups and enjoyed lip-smacking delicacies at restaurants, there.

Here are the pictures.

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