Redwoods Advance WWF Singapore Campaigns: Top Performers

People, who love forests, want to save Seas, Tigers in the wild, prepared for a fight against climate change and wish to stop illegal wildlife trade are contributing more and so towards the next generation.

Joel Tan and Derick Eng from Redwoods Advance Singapore are a few responsible citizens who work with WWF Singapore, with the mission to save the nature and wildlife.

Recently, the representatives from the Singapore Direct marketing company went to the WWF headquarters for an award ceremony.

The World Wild Life Federation acknowledged them for their efforts in WWF promotional campaigns and projects to spread awareness about: sustainable seafood, smart consumption for the environment, the Earth hour (save power, save energy), endangered species and illegal wildlife products, to name but a few.

Meet the Top ‘WWF-campaign’ performers for excellence in different wild life conservation and awareness programs, in the months of July and August 2013.

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