Redwoods Advance’ Rising Star Trip in Taiwan

Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd was on Rising Star Trip in Taiwan, the republic of China from 24th to 28th September 2013.

If educational/learning trips to different countries are time for exploration, adventure, discovery and travel for people at Redwoods Advance, then Rising Star Trips are moments to identify talents and efforts of the top-performers from the marketing community.

Recognition and awards not just encourage people who are outstanding performers, but even inspire others who dream of BIG things in life.

Managers and top-performers from the Singapore and Hong Kong marketing offices got the opportunity for the Rising Star Trip in Taiwan.

Everyone had a comfortable stay at Grand Hyatt Hotel. Other than workshops, seminars and business meetings, people had a birthday celebration party, gala dinner in Tang costume (oriental theme) and went on a shopping spree.

Here, are the pictures from the event.


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