Kuala Lumpur Trip

After journeys to several destinations, this year – the Singapore Direct Marketing Agency chose South East Asia for another learning trip.

Last week (from 17th to 20th September), people from Redwoods Advance Singapore were on Kuala Lumpur Malaysia tour.

A group of 11 people, which include 8 front-line staff members and 2 administrators, got the opportunity to represent the Singapore Direct marketing company, during the visit.

As usual, it was another moment to – learn and share, network and coordinate, bond/establish new relationships with people and have loads of fun together, in a team.

Administrators and front-line staffs from the company gained tremendous exposure from the Head/Senior Administrators and Managers, there.

Everyone visited the Asian Headquarters and marketing offices, in Kuala Lumpur and got the opportunity for lots of interpersonal communication with the Vice President, Asia Business Operations.

People stayed in an elegant and cozy hotel. Spa beauty therapy, sumptuous feast at the VP’s house, helicopter ride, yummy sea-food recipes and moon-cakes during the mid-autumn festival remain some of the pleasant memories for many.

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