Business Trip to UK

Born in the Chinese Zodiac year of the OX, Jovin Chia Hong – the Assistant Manager with Redwoods Advance Singapore possesses all the traits of the zodiac sign: truthful, hard-working, patient, cautious and do things progressively.

Other than games, Jovin Chia loves to explore restaurants and eateries across the country for mouth-watering food.

Recently, Jovin Chia (along with other Redwoods Advance team members) had been for a business trip to the United Kingdom.

It was a remarkable trip for many, with opportunities to meet business leaders from the UK marketing community, including Chris Niarchos, the Founder and Chairman of the Appco Group.

Other than business networking at the UK Headquarters and ‘learning’ sessions, everyone did lots of shopping at malls and had loads of fun in the group.


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