Redwoods Advance day trip to East Coast Park, Singapore

The East Coast Park in Singapore is the largest park, spanning an area of 185 hectares. The scenic coastline attracts everybody day in and out and the place is a popular recreational area for people of all age group and gender.

The team of Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd Singapore had been at the East Coast Park for the weekly team outing on 25th July 2013.

Be it eateries or places for sports and leisure activities the place offers a lot of options for the weekend.

The members of Redwoods Advance Singapore rode their bicycles at the park and had loads of fun.

After the bike workout, the team sat together and washed down seafood and other delicacies with beverages at the food joints there.

As always, the weekly outing was an ice-breaking event for many. People got to socialize, network and communicate better than what they do otherwise within the four walls of the office.

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