Lilian Wong and Nithya

Lilian Wong and Nithya know how it feels to deliver presentations in front of 40 attendees, in a discussion group.

Both proved their skills in Public Speaking, during a training session at the Head Office of Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd Singapore, on Tuesday 25th June 2013.

Public speaking is an art. Speaking in front of viewers/spectators helps one boost self confidence.

Every day, field representatives from the Singapore based Marketing Company have to manage different kinds of customers.

No wonder, why sales and marketing companies look for people with excellent communication and presentation skills.

After public presentation, Lilian Wong and Nithya feel more confident than before.

Effective speaking, presentation and listening skills matter in every profession. Body language and gestures are vital.

Redwoods Advance Singapore gives importance to communication skill building courses and activities, within the organization.

After their presentation success, Lilian Wong & Nithya are on their way to many more such presentations with confidence.

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