Sports Day at Serangoon Stadium

Everyone was there for the Redwoods Advance Sports Day, on 3rd June 2013!

Participation matters for everyone in the team events at Redwoods Advance Singapore.

People do not join Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd only for a marketing career. The Singapore marketing company makes sure that everyone gets a platform for overall personality development.

Whether education and training programs at work, sports programs or camps, holiday and seasonal events, adventure travel and tours, or other recreational activities, we try to organize monthly events for the employees.

Nothing breaks the ice better than a corporate team building sports event.

Everyone is capable of doing different things. Some are skilled at extreme sports, cycling, golf, handball, motorsports, hockey, cricket, baseball, basketball, and a variety of sporting events.

We of course are not here to take them on for the next OlympicsWink. Let us see what these guys are up to, at Redwoods Advance Singapore’s Sports Day.

Have a look!

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