Get-together at Ah Loy Thai

Eating together is vital – a nice feeling, when everyone sits and eats together.

While eating meals together, everyone gets to share not just food, but a place to talk about one’s daily experiences and discuss other affairs.

Dining tables help in Reunion – either during at breakfast, lunch hour or dinner time.

Recently, Redwoods Advance Singapore had been to Ah Loy Thai Restaurant, at 100 Beach Rd, Singapore 189702, for the team dinner.

The restaurant serves Asian Thai recipes. Everyone sat and dined together, in a group and had lots of fun.

The Redwoods Advance get-together was an ice-breaking event for many. The restaurant is famous for its Thai dishes of pineapple fried rice, tom yum seafood, mango chicken and more.

Redwoods Advance Singapore recommends this Thai Restaurant to everyone.

Here, are the pictures…

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