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AGM in Malacca – 4th to 6th Oct


Our every half a year overseas AGM took place in Malacca this time. This trip was filled with a lot more togetherness where we did almost everything as a team.

Meeting agenda was straightforward as we knew clearly what are this quarter goals, thus most of the time were spent brainstorming for the solutions and action points. It was indeed fruitful.

And we had a super awesome villa with sea view and and a level just for entertainment – KTV, mahjong, carrom board and games, we all love the place! (see below for the photos)

Of cos, not leaving Malacca without visiting Jonker street – a place full of local delights and snacks!

3 days 2 nights will never be too long, if you spend it with the right group of people! Till the next overseas AGM, it will be bigger and further!



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FG retreat – 21st & 22nd Sept

With the new faces and rising stars of the group along with the core leaders, our bi-monthly retreat to Johor Bahru happened and ended in a blink.

The 1st ‘wow’ factor was the apartment we stayed in Austin Height. It was really spacious and clean, and everyone felt so welcomed!

Lots of learning and games it took to bond the team together, and for sure the goal was achieved.

2nd day before coming back to Singapore, we visited the water and adventure park. Experienced 7 stages of high element activities and that was the other ‘wow’. Conclusion was, everyone was really brave!

And for team bonding activities, we highly recommend – Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park.

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Tokyo Day 1 – 3rd Sept

This time, we flew all the way to Tokyo, Japan for the Future Vice President Meeting. Led by the 2 senior managers, Cai You Jia and Jovin Chia, we sent along 4 delegates – Samuel Yeo, Shannon Wan, Cynthia Tam and Leonard Xie for 5 days 4 nights.

Thanks to Delta Airway for flying us over.

It was a really early morning where the flight departed at 545am, and we touched down at 310pm.

Took the train straight to the apartment at Ikebukurohonchō, Tokyo. It was all of our first time to be staying in a very local house – compact and low-roof yet cosy.

Cleaned up and we visited the Vice President of Japan, Taras Koochin’s office in Shibuya. where we got to see and observe how the operation was. And it was kind of Taras to be spending the evening with us over dinner, of course with many learning points as takeaways from him.


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Team activity – BBQ 29th Aug

It’s been 3 weeks since we resumed our weekly activity as a group. With the influx of many new faces and the growth of the people, we feel it’s essential to ensure everyone knows each other and understand the working styles.

Thus the last 2 weeks of sports and this week’s BBQ session helped a lot.

We believe together is always better!

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Client Appreciation Day – 31st July

Our very first appreciation day with Keppel, the client where we started representing for events marketing since April 2018.

A wonderful morning with them to recognise the effort of all our representatives and a few were awarded as well.

Congrats all prize recipients!

Keppel High-rollers (sign-up) –
(Gold) Athi
(Silver) Dawn Toh
(Bronze) Gnanam 

Excellence Customer Service
(Gold) Athi
(Silver) Dawn Toh
(Bronze) Gnanam

Most SP account Point Of Sign-ups –
(Gold) Gnanam
(Silver) Athi
(Bronze) Gladys Chng

Overall champion – Athi

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Asian Administrators & Recruiters Conference – 25th to 28th July

With 8 countries and 55 administrators & recruiters involved, we all flew to Bali for 4D3N for the conference. We do not just up-skill our frontline and management team, we also get our HR team involved in learning and networking.

What we are more proud of was having Doreen Tan Yun Man and Siti Aisyah Binte Rusli as the topic speakers, kudos to all your preparations and effort for the air-time.

We also have Shermin Tan, who attended the conference for the very first time, got her certificate of completion for her Cycle Of Development (COD) within a week.

A big thanks to our Owner, Jovin Chia who flew to Bali to support the HR team. And we had a great time at Four Points by Sheraton, Bali. We will visit again!

It’s never about whether you CAN, it’s how much you WANT to ensure things happen!

Great job ladies!

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KL Regional Management Meeting – 18th to 21st July

With the shortlisted brand ambassadors, we flew to Kuala Lumpur and definitely a great learning exposure 4D3N with everyone involved – 8 countries, 100 campaigns managers, 3 Vice Presidents. The 2 days workshops were an eye-opener to most, where they received first hand news and excellent topics by the speakers. A lot to put into actions and this will be till the next…
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AG Sales Infinity Day – 30th Jun & 1st July

The yearly organisation affair, which we held it for the 2nd year this year. Where the frontline sales force and backend support meet on the sales ground. It was indeed an enriching day and it was never easy managing the rejections and emotions, thus we respect all in the sales industries. For the experienced ones, thanks for looking after the backend support team which mostly had high comfort zone. We look forward to the next in 2019!
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AG Kindess Day – 24th March 2018

This year, for a second time, we did a meaningful event together as a group – helped to do the dishes, washing and packing of lunches for the older people at Willing Heart!

For some, our morning started as early as 5am to travel down to Willing Hearts to prepare for the food. For most, we experienced many first – first time removing the fins on the fishes, first time making popiahs, first time seeing different kinds of vegetables.. it was sure an unforgettable one.

And we looked forward to the next voluntary work together!

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